Pablove + Zoe Across America: Finish Line Is Today!

Zoe Rogers and Jeff Castelaz of Pablove
[Zoe and Pablo’s Father/Pablove Co-Founder/President Elektra Records, Jeff Castelaz]

Truth be told, when Zoe told me she wanted to bike from San Francisco to Los Angeles with Pablove Across America, I discouraged her. As her dad, I hate the idea of her on her bike with a bunch of jackasses in cars driving around.

Then, even after she’d made the decision to ignore my advice and registered for the ride she waited longer than she should have to get a bike and start her training. Even once she had a bike she wasn’t riding because she was afraid of her clip-in pedals and didn’t have anyone to teach her to master them.

Finally she found some riding partners and started getting the hang of riding and climbing in particular.

Still, she had only a handful of long rides and steep climbs under her belt when she toed the starting line with Team Pablove last Sunday. As a relatively inexperienced rider she fearlessly stared at seven days of hours in the saddle.

The riders took off fast and Zoe discovered that while she is fit and has grit, she was on the slower end of the spectrum. She felt like she was holding the group back. When I answered my phone last Sunday evening eager to hear how the day went I heard a crying and discouraged Zoe, not sure how she would keep up as they pedaled south through California over the next week.

She figured it out quickly.

Contrast that phone call with the one I received yesterday after she rode more than 95 miles on the 6th day. She was overflowing with pride. So was I.

To top it all off, Zoe has raised more than $9,000 to fund pediatric cancer research along the way.

This is what our kids do. They grow up and do shit we asked them not to do. I’m very lucky this is the sort of thing my daughter does against my recommendation.

In 8 hours I will meet Zoe at the finish line. She will have ridden over 400 miles on her bike over the last seven days. If ten people read this and each donate $80 to Pablove on this page she’ll cross the finish line with over $10,000 in donations. If you can, please do.

Thanks, Zoe. Thanks, everyone for the support.