Disconnect Your Music Service from Facebook Now

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After too many comments on my Facebook for what Lucinda is listening to on Sonos via MOG, I’ve disconnected MOG from Facebook.

This feature was always a bad idea. It’s as if Instagram uploaded every photo you take with your phone. It was, as Antony Bruno said, “Not a music discovery feature, it’s a music service discovery feature.” On that level I suppose it was effective. I can’t wait for music services to stop doing this by default.

I promise you Beats Music will not do the “barf everything you play on Facebook” bullshit.

If your music service is currently barfing every track you play to Facebook, turn that shit off. Here’s how you do it in a variety of players:

To disconnect MOG from Facebook, login to MOG.com, choose Account in the top navigation, then Social, then Disconnect Facebook.

Here’s how to do it in other players.

How to disconnect Spotify from Facebook
How to disconnect Pandora from Facebook
How to disconnect Songza from Facebook
How to disconnect Rdio from Facebook
How to disconnect Rhapsody from Facebook

How to stop any app from sharing activity on Facebook

Now go put on a guilty pleasure and dance your ass off in front of the full-length mirror.


93 ’til Infinity… Still

I have a lot of memories around Souls Of Mischief’s 93 ’til Infinity

I remember Chris Smith telling me definitively this is an important album. Which is why I bought it.

I remember a road trip — 5 states in less than 3 days — with Mark Thompson where Mark had a rule: we could each bring exactly one album. He brought Rocket From The Crypt’s Circa Now, I brought 93 ’til Infinity. On that trip we went to see Kim Howitt in Ann Arbor, Michigan. At a house party I watched Mark dance hilariously with some random girl, then leave the party running when she paused for a restroom break.

And I remember road tripping to Ohio with Kim Howitt and Rob Francis to see Souls of Mischief open for De La Soul and A Tribe Called Quest. Maybe it’s just old-dude nostalgia but it’s hard not to feel like “hip hop” never got any better than that moment. Feels like the notion that hip hop could be anything and still be widely loved ended somewhere around that time.

So this nostalgia bomb in my email was welcome this morning, 93 ’til Infinity, remixed by Gummy Soul, from acapellas provided by Souls of Mischief:


Whole Life Challenge Starts Saturday! Sign Up Today!

The Whole Life Challenge is an 8 week fitness challenge anyone can do. You’ve already read about my 23 year-old daughter losing more than 40 pounds post-college, starting with the WLC. I have one more story for you this time around…

About two weeks after the spring WLC started this year, my 69 year-old North Carolina mountainside-living dad casually dropped into a phone conversation, “I’m doing pretty well on this ‘challenge’ of yours.” Huh? I didn’t even know he was playing along. “Yeah, Zoe said, ‘Grandpa, if you tried this challenge maybe you could lose that gut.’ I though, ‘I’ll show her.’” Truth be told, he didn’t think it would work. He thought he’d be hungry and uncomfortable. And he didn’t think he’d notice any difference. So what happened? After 8 weeks, in his words: “I lost 30 pounds. I weigh what I weighed when I left the airforce in 1967.”

So thanks to WLC my dad weighs less going in to his 70th birthday than he has ever in my life. And my daughter is healthier than ever and training to ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles on a bike.

I know I sound like a salesman but there’s no money being made here. We spend $750 on prizes for the winners (yes, there are prizes!) and the rest of the money gets donated to Pablove. So not only are you helping yourself, you’re donating to an awesome cause.

Yes, you can do it from anywhere in the world.

Yes, you can do it regardless of the kind of exercise you prefer. Just ten minutes a day minimum of something you can consider exercise in good conscience.

There are three levels, advance, intermediate, and beginner.

Running out of excuses yet?

You can do anything for 8 weeks. Give it a go. It will change your life.

Click here to join our “gym”. Use the discount code WLCRYGxBukDp. Be sure to also join our Facebook group.

See you on the leaderboard.