Tune in today for my Blog (1pm PT) and Live Talk (2pm PT) Experiment

I’ll be the opening speaker at this year’s Digital Music Forum West at 2pm today at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. I’m going to try something different, I’ll be posting my talk here on my blog an hour in advance, then sharing the blog post instead of a Power Point style presentation from the stage. Please come on back here at 1pm PT to get a preview of my talk. If you dig it, please share it.

The fifteen minute talk is called “The Race To Be Trusted”. In it I posit the 5th and next phase of Internet Media Distribution is the era of the Trusted Brand. Do you buy it? If not, let me know if you buy it any more after hearing me out.

I’m a little nervous about the talk, not feeling like I’ve practiced it enough yet. Work and life have been extremely busy lately and preparing for the talk has unfortunately but necessarily gone lower on the priority queue. So I’m cramming tonight. Going to run through it a couple of times with folks in the office in the morning. Thankfully all the ideas in it are things I’ve been thinking about for a long time so it’s more an exercise in organizing thoughts than thinking.

To make things even more exciting I’m planning to take along my five year-old daughter and give her the choice of watching from the front row or hanging on stage with me. No idea what she’ll pick. Another reason to tune in and see if I can pull it off.

I’m not sure yet if they’re Webcasting the conference. If so I’ll update this post to include a link to the Webcast.

See you later today.


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