Happy 21st, Zoe

Z and Me


Happy 21st! You were 3 already when I turned 21 and now here we are 17 eventful years later…

It wouldn’t be possible to be any more proud of you. In the face of parents with their own problems who were learning on the job, you’ve turned out to be a hard-working, thoughtful, empathetic adult well on your way to carrying the proverbial family torch far further than your mom or I could hope to run with it. Yes, I’m proud of your 5.0 GPA at MIT, your General Manager status at WMBR (click here to listen to Zoe’s radio show from this past Monday morning), your genetic data spelunking with Python at The Broad Institute and the fact that you’re a published genetic research scientist (wha?!?! who’dathunk?!!). I hope at this point those are things you’re doing in your own pursuit of personal fulfillment; you sure as hell have nothing else to prove with me. * I’m proud of who you are and while I always hope you’ll come to me for advice, what you do has been powered by your own drive and good decisions for a very long time. Thanks for being you. It’s been 21 years of joy being your Papa and truly an honor to be your friend.

Happy 21st birthday. I wish I was in Cambridge with you today to watch you buy your own glass of bubbly and celebrate it with you. We shall do that together in two short weeks. Daily Pint with Zoe on the 17th? Who’s in?! 😉

Please leave a happy birthday comment for Zoe below and send a tweet to @zmonster90. Thanks!


* ps – I recycled one of your old semi-colons for this post. I have a pile of them here in a keepsake envelope. I removed each of them carefully from the term papers I helped you edit in high school. :-)

“Life’s short, don’t make a mess of it”

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