Beastie Boys Dolls, er, ACTION FIGURES finally available!


Back somewhere around the turn of the century, Nigo from Bathing Ape made these incredible foot-tall likenesses of MCA, King Adrock, and Mike D, pka The Beastie Boys. But the dolls weren’t cheap to produce and the boys just couldn’t bear the thought of charging collector prices for pint-size versions of themselves, even if they were posable. So the dolls sat in storage, only to be occasionally broken out for a charity auction. As a fan of the band, the dolls, and ecommerce I’ve asked many times over the years if it dolls, er, action figures were of selling vintage yet, but the answer was always a stern, “No.”

Cut to 2011 and the release of Hot Sauce Committee. Following up the incredible cameo-laced video for Make Some Noise entitled Fight For Your Right (Revisited), Beastie Boys teamed up with long-time co-conspirator Spike Jonze for an equally absurd and perhaps more twisted video for Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win featuring, what else, the aforementioned action figures as the stars of the video.

So finally, it’s been agreed the wine-selling-time is prime and the action figures are now for sale on Beastie Boys’ web site. Since there are very few of these action figs in existence and they were not cheap to begin with, it’s been agreed these uber-collectible goodies should be sold for what they’re worth with the money going to charity, namely Pablove and Alex’s Lemonade Stand, two deserving organizations that work with kids with cancer.

If you’re interested in owning a piece of Beastie Boys history, these are truly the coolest and most collectible thing I’ve encountered in my 20+ years as fan, friend, and sometimes employee. Get ’em before they’re gone.


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