Why you should vote for me in the TWISTEE Awards

Top 5 reasons you should vote for me in the TWISTEE Awards:

5) If I get three votes it will be obvious it was just my mom, daughter, and wife
4) To offset Parker and Brad’s clandestine votes for Bitcoin
3) Jason and I barely talked about this decade
2) 6 startups: 2 pushes, 1 failure, 2 successes, 1 in-progress
1) A mother fucking NeXT tattoo on my leg for nearly 20 years, bitches

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See you Friday.


The Bittersweet Final Installment of Jay Reatard’s Shattered Records Club


I discovered Jay Reatard‘s Blood Visions via one of WMFU’s year-end best-of lists a few years back. I’d heard The Reatards years earlier but Blood Visions became an obsession. It remains one of the best one-man punk showings ever, and definitely the best of this century. Jay signed to Matador, released a handful of singles followed by an album, Watch Me Fall. I managed to see him live a couple of times, one of which he went out of his way to walk my under-21 daughter into the club because he knew she was a fan and we didn’t know the show wasn’t all ages.

I was giddy like a super-fan when Jay released his Shattered Records Club via Topspin. It seemed a perfect vehicle for someone like Jay who recorded nearly daily and had a huge treasure chest of past recordings. $75 got you a ton of goodies, from his new album to limited edition vinyl exclusive to the club. You can still buy it today from Jay’s site.

As happy as I was about the club I was one billion times more sad to hear about Jay’s death. It brings tears to my eyes to type this today, more than a year later. He was only 29 but he’d been making records for fifteen years already and was really hitting his stride. There was so much more good stuff in store.

His manager, Adam Shore, has just delivered the subscribers the final installment in the Shattered Records Club and it’s a doozy, above and beyond the call of duty. Instead of the limited t-shirt we were promised, there were two. Instead of the live 7″ it was a full-length live album. The limited edition 7″ is the final two songs Jay recorded, the day before his death, available only to members of the club on 7″; cover art is Jay’s tombstone: “Jimmy Lee Lindsey Jr aka Jay Reatard, May 1 1980 – Jan 12 2010, Memphis Punk Rocker” then “Recorded by Jay at Jay’s house on January 11th, 2010″ on the back. Ugh. From Jay’s blog:

We had promised an original 7″ exclusively for Shattered Club members. Two days before Jay passed away he recorded two songs at home: “You Get No Love” and “I Am Growing.” They were to be his final recordings. They have never been heard before now. We have pressed these songs onto a 7″ and it will be available only to you. It will not be for sale in any shops, not given to blogs for free download, and will not available digitally. Inside the 7″ you’ll find a personal note written by Jeffrey Novak.

Good work, Adam. I don’t know but I hope Jay would be happy with the vinyl. It feels a fitting tribute.

The 7″s are limited to 500. Grab one for yourself.