John Grant – Queen of Denmark

John Grant - Queen of Denmark

I’ve been listening to John Grant’s (formerly of The Czars) “Queen of Denmark” repeatedly for the past week and it’s the best thing I’ve heard so far this year. If you like great songs delivered beautifully, the sound of heartbreak from someone with a smile on their face, and those albums which sound different on every listen and your favorite song jumps from one to another, just grab this record no questions asked, put on headphones and enjoy.

The story, which I gleaned from the 5-star Mojo review which turned me on to the record, is of an album that may not have happened without the kindness of friends. When John Grant met Midlake they were on different trajectories: Grant’s Czars were imploding, he was falling deeper into depression and drug addiction, and by the sounds of the record going through a nasty breakup while Midlake were gaining momentum and had the world waiting on their next record. Midlake took him home to Denton, TX, were the backing band for “Queen of Denmark” and helped mix the record to what it is today after two failed mix attempts by others.

If you dig it half as much as I do it’s worth your time. Enjoy.