Juggalo Convention Here We Come

I’ve been to Coachella, Bonnaroo, and now Electric Daisy Carnival this year. There’s only one thing left to conquer:

The above video is long but keep watching. It gets even better as it goes on.

I have so many questions.

– Girls go to this?
– Does it require one security guard per attendee to keep the deaths below 10?
– Who is Sugar whatever and what’s up with that skirt?
– Is it possible to get enough Faygo to make this event happen?
– How is possible I’ve never heard of a SINGLE group on their label apart from ICP?
– WTF is Cube thinking? Scarface?!
– This is a good look for Coolio and Vanilla Ice, though.
– The Dayton Family?! That’s my shit. I gotta be honest.
– Paradime is Kid Rock’s DJ. I kinda like him, too.
– Why do I not have Get Busy Committee playing at this?
– They’re letting these people in helicopters?
– Rowdy Roddy Piper is a comedian?
– Do you need a jester hat to participate in the rap battle?
– “Magicians and hypnotists walking around that bitch…”
– Butterbean?!
– “Seminars”?

When Jeff Jarvis is talking about moving from a mass market to a mass of niches he is most certainly talking about this event.