Spinnerette EP Ghetto Love Available at Long Last


Congrats to Brody and Tony (formerly in The Distillers) on the release of the new Spinnerette EP, Ghetto Love (including a video by Liam Lynch for yer iPod). After a couple of live shows these songs started to leak in odd live versions anyway, so everyone gets a few tracks from the upcoming album (which rules) before the holiday. Yeah, they’re releasing this record via our company, Topspin, but I’m writing about it because I love the record, the video, and the peoples.

$5 well-spent. Get on it.

Here’s the video, please stick this on your blog, MySpace page, whateva:


If you add the video to your site, take a screen shot and upload it to this Flickr pool.

Oh and the video you get when you buy it is way better quality than the streaming one above, of course.


Goose, Delicious Goose (Yahoo!’s In-Page Media Player)

Delicious' new MP3 player

TechCrunch ran a story this morning on “Delicious’ new media player”.

This looks like this media player:


It’s been available on blogs like Aquarium Drunkard and Aurgasm for many months. Oh, and FISTFULAYEN.

The Drones – Cortez The Killer

It was the brainchild of Lucas Gonze when I brought Lucas and Webjay into the company three years ago. He walked in the door with this idea. As per usual, it took me two months just to get my head around it and then more than 12 months to build enough support in the company to actually build it. But build it we did, first with some very talented MusicMatch engineers and then with some great Web engineers in Santa Monica (big ups to you all!).

It’s very cool in that it is a single line of javascript and reads simple, easy to author, HTML on the page to create the play buttons. The page author needs only add the single line of javascript, then wrap an MP3 link in an href and voila, you have an inline player.

Note that the latest Foxytunes player also inserts this player in the page in a Greasemonkey sort of way. Very very handy. Install the latest Foxytunes Toolbar and then go to a page like http://awesometapesfromafrica.blogspot.com.

Neither Lucas nor I are at Yahoo! anymore, but it’s good to see Spiegelman, Stephen, Alex and the rest of the crew are carrying the torch.

I just had to write this to remind myself we really did have a plan for the new Yahoo! “Music” when I left there. With this media player, the public web services, Foxytunes and Foxytunes Planet, and a lessening reliance on licensed content, it’s good to see the train keeps rolling. I know of two other major things we had going on that are still yet to come, right, y’all? BRING IT.


Seymour Stein Could Have Been Steve Jobs

Seymore Stein

I don’t know Seymour, I have mad respect for the guy, and I’m sure this quote was taken out of context, but dig this quote.

We blew it. The first major music labels were all phonograph manufacturers, but by the time the Beatles came along, most companies were no longer involved in the hardware. Had we remained in control of the hardware, we wouldn’t be hurting as much as we are now. And the iPod would be ours.

Am I crazy or is he essentially saying, “If we’d have stayed in the phonograph business, we could have invented Apple computer!”

Um, no. Even Sony couldn’t figure out how to be Apple, let alone Diamond, Samsung, Toshiba, Dell, iRiver, and, um, Microsoft. Sorry.

Someone please send me Seymore’s address, I’m going to ship him a copy of The Innovator’s Solution. I’m serious.