iPhone 3G For Sale

fast?  my ass.

Anyone wanna buy a three week old iPhone 3G, 16GB? You don’t even have to stick with AT&T for two years to get a cheap price. Make me an offer.

But I need to get another phone first. What should I get? Requirements:

  • I want to be able to send email. Easily. From my phone. For real. Not in a “yeah you could do that if you have a lot of time to kill and don’t really need to write anything serious” kinda way that’s actually super fucking annoying and causes me to think “eh, I’ll just send that when I get back to my desk because christ almighty I hate typing on this thing,” but in the way I used to clear out my inbox on runways and fire off notes while skateboarding with my Blackberry.
  • A decent battery. I don’t want to find myself at the end of the day rationing out my peeks at the phone to see what time it is because my fucking battery meter is red. It’s 2008 and the phone cost $300, keeping a charge from the time I wake up until the time I go to sleep shouldn’t be a challenge.
  • I want to be able to write text messages without having to backspace over at least one completely garbled word per message.
  • Finding a contact should be less than five annoying touches on a touchscreen. Bonus if I don’t have to wait five seconds after every touch.
  • It would be awesome to have a phone that didn’t make me stare at a blank screen for five seconds before replying to a text message. Maybe I need to clear out my text message queue or something? Shit is mad slow.

Things I’ll miss:

  • MobileMe. Kinda. Yeah, things are out of sync often but just adding a contact quickly out of email and knowing it’ll magically be on my phone later is REALLY HANDY. I don’t know how I’ll keep my contacts and calendar up to date between whatever phone I end up getting and my Macs. Ideas?
  • Google maps. I guess I’ll go back to being lost in NYC. But seriously, last time I was in NYC I used the map in the morning to find my way around and then was lost at night because MY FUCKING BATTERY WAS DEAD AND MY PHONE WAS OFF. If I had a Blackberry at least I could have called someone.
  • Listening to music while biking and being able to answer the phone on the same headset I’m listening to music on. Then the music starts up again when the call is over. Simple yet handy since the bike is my main mode of transport.
  • Pour1Out. Handy app when you need to pour out some liquor for the American economy, Yahoo! Music Unlimited, etc.

But honestly, I think that’s it.

The problem is I have no idea what phone to get. No Windows Mobile, plz. Thinking a Blackberry, but aren’t they about to drop a slew of new phones? Probably a bad time to downgrade to a Curve. And isn’t AT&T going to make me pay full price for changing phones soon? Argh. HALP. HATE MY IPHONE.

UPDATE: My friend Vince told me (via Twitter) that if I’m within 30 days AT&T will take the phone back. I immediately called AT&T and unfortunately time flies and I’m at 35 days. I talked to four different people (actually, two very nice people and two subhumans whose souls have been removed by promotions to “floor manager” at a faceless corporation) and there’s nothing they can do 5 days after the 30 day window. They can’t take it back (they blame Apple) and they can’t give me a discount on a Blackberry, even though it would surely be cheaper than pushing me to take the $170 early term and get a cheap Blackberry on another carrier. So now I have a phone I dislike but a phone company I hate. Good move, AT&T. The iPhone 3G sucks, but you super suck.

So, anyone know if the Blackberry Bold is coming on any other carriers? I’d *love* to pay AT&T $170 and jump ship.


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