When you let Twitter make your wardrobe choices…


…it can be dangerous. But if you give Twitter two very valid options and let it decide, well, that’s better than our presidential elections have been for a long time.

I asked Twitter to choose between a suit and a Stooges shirt for my panel at Digital Media Forum West today. Apart from two “wear them both” votes, support for the Stooges shirt was unanimous and the suit had no takers. Of course @freshbreakfast was right, I was really just looking to validate my personal choice and not take the blame for it. It was a setup and my Twitter followers played the roll perfectly.

Thank you. See you at DMFW today.

Oh btw, saw My Bloody Valentine last night and it was all everyone said it was. It was also amazing to be able to ride bikes to Santa Monica Civic to see a show. The last thing I saw there was either college night at Santa Monica High or a modern furniture expo. Of course what I wish I’d have seen was this:

Kevin Shields told Travis he might come by Bar Chloe after tonight’s show and play a few tunes. Come on down.


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