If you, like me, loved the TV On The Radio EP but were disappointed by the LPs, I have something for you.
I bought this record on Mojo’s recommendation last fall, but didn’t spend enough time with it early on. Bored on a plane I started listening again a couple weeks ago and now I […]

New FoxyTunes 2.0 Beta for IE

FoxyTunes 2.0 for IE

I know from looking at my browser stats that most of y’all use Firefox, but if you happen to be in that 12% that use Internet Explorer, please give the new FoxyTunes 2.0 Beta a test.

For a rundown of the features, see the team’s blog post.

If you’re at the other end of the user curve and testing Firefox 3, we have a version for you, too.

And if you’re just a plain ol’ Firefox user, just go to FoxyTunes.com and get the latest.


Joni Mitchell on Why She Retired in 2004

Joni Mitchell by Robert Altman
Photo © Robert Altman click here to visit Robert’s site

Joni Mitchell retired in 2004. In a recent Mojo interview (the issue with Radiohead on the cover), she explained why:

For much of my career, the public perception of my work was kind of underwhelmed, though I felt there was a lot of growth in it. Take [1985 album] Dog Eat Dog. That was kind of my political awakening and people weren’t ready for it, so there was a lot of negativity in the air, a lot of stupid press. It was called sophomoric in Newsweek even though it contained themes for their cover stories in the next couple of years. So there was a lot of reneging that went on about that record, but in the meantime, the record company dumped it. Every time that happened, I thought, “Well, I’ll get better.”

But when I turned in Travelogue [a 2002 album consisting of symphony versions of her earlier material], the record company came to me and said, “Joan, we’re just selling used cars now. We don’t know what to do with this. It’s a work of genius.” So, I thought, “Well, where do I go from here?” That was part of my reason for quitting. I just felt it was useless.

Ouch. Getting eaten by the “hits or else” machine hurts. Here’s hoping those days are over for many artists. Thankfully, Joni Mitchell returned to recording in 2007. Odd and modern but true: Starbucks pulled her out of retirement.

Andy Baio originally hipped me to these amazing videos of Joni live on the BBC in 1970:

Do they make ‘em like her anymore?

I long for the rVision days circa 1997 when Paul Hastings would order a six pack of Bud and a sandwich from Pink Dot and fill the whole back of the office with Blue. That’s what I call not giving a fuck.