You Have Our Gratitude

Thanks to a note to the paper from my mom, my cover was blown and I did an interview for my hometown paper, The Goshen News. It was printed this week. My grandmas were both very proud. The writer was cool, listens to the Misfits and drinks beer with Nate Yoder, and did a really good job with my “there’s no such thing as a media Web rant”, so props to him.

But best of all, I got an email from jr. high pal Michael Wanbaugh, the person (along with Kris Kurtz) whom I first laid eyes on Night Patrol with. Life-changing, to say the least. For those who don’t know, Night Patrol is a complex treatise on identity starring and written by Murray Langston aka The Unknown Comic along with Linda Blair, Billy Barty, Pat Paulsen, and many many others, including multiple cameos by Pat Morita and a (then truly unknown comic) Andrew Dice Clay. It would take me 50,000 words or more to do it justice so I’ll just share the trailer:

But that’s not why I was posting. Michael reminded me why I started a company called FISTFULAYEN in 1994, as an ode to another quality flick, The Kentucky Fried Movie. I was writing back to him and remembering a time in the late 90s when Shock G of Digital Underground responded via voice mail to Dr. Klahn on my answering machine:

That’s what was on my voicemail. Here’s the message from Shock Jigga and/who is basically every member of Digital except Money B:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

AudioPlayer.embed(“audioplayer_1″, {soundFile:”aHR0cDovL3d3dy5maXN0ZnVsYXllbi5jb20vYXVkaW8vU2hvY2syLm1wMw”});

That shit still makes my day. Shock, holla at ya boy.


Bat For Lashes and M.I.A. on KCRW


If you, like me, are mad at Bob Moz for catching both M.I.A. and Bat For Lashes on the SAME NIGHT last week, check out both of them on KCRW, as I am this morning.

Bat For Lashes on KCRW
M.I.A. on KCRW

The Bat For Lashes record is incredible, one of the best albums of the year IMHO, and seeing her do these songs live only makes me love it more. Incredible songwriting, creative instrumentation, masterfully executed — what more do you need? You can buy it DRM-free at iTunes.

The M.I.A. record isn’t out yet but I’ve been rocking the five song sampler and it’s BANGIN. Only one dud in the batch. It starts off the same way the KCRW session does, with her biting “roadrunner roadrunner, goin 90 miles an hour, with your radio on…” Shit is hot. Can’t wait for this record. Check out the Pixies cover on the KCRW sesh. Weird beard.








Dear Zoe,

Wow. 17. A non-celebratory birthday according to Patton Oswalt, but a warning signal to me. WARNING: Only one more year left before your little girl can vote, buy a handgun, and will start spending school years not with you. And between your school, college application and selection, work, and my work, husbandry, and second fatherhood, this year is going to go by in the blink of an eye. Let’s make sure we set aside time to talk, joke, eat, and dance in the next twelve months, k?

Take a minute today to remember as much as you can of your first seventeen years. We moved house 11 times, swam in Polynesia and Scandinavia, skateboarded, snowboarded, biked, tour-bussed, made music, and made history. We’ve been quite a team, you and I, sticking together and kicking ass all over the world. The more you remember it, the harder it’ll be to forget.

Seventeen years. I’ve now nearly lived as long with you as I did without you. Every day of the last seventeen years I’ve lived with you on my mind. Thanks for being my inspiration and guiding light in many a ponderous moment.

Love always,

You have new Picture Mail!


You have new Picture Mail!


Zoe and Beastie Boys, 1997

Me and Z, 1996


Me and Z

Z and Me

Me and Z, early morning at the airport







Picture 001.jpg











(Zoe as “lead pixie”, her close up is at 2:10)