Test0ring Warner Music on iMeem

According to a couple of news outlets, Warner Music has dropped its lawsuit against iMeem and has worked an ad revenue share deal with them. Very cool, actually.

I was confused after reading this article, clicking play on the player, and just getting a :30 sample.

So I went to iMeem.com, searched on Red Hot Chili Peppers, clicked on “Scar Tissue”, and was asked to login. Well, that’ll turn away about 99% of your customers, but ok, I’m in a testing mood and I want to see how this works. I logged in and verified via email (make that 99.9% of your customers) and voila, I get the full track. Sounds like 64kbps MP3 which could be better, but free, legal, Web-based music is very nice. We all know the CPM on that “University of Phoenix” ad there isn’t very much, though. Not much revenue to split there. But hey, still very progressive of both parties. Kudos.

Now the question is, what happens when I embed the same track on this page?


Will you get a :30 sample because you’re not logged in? Will I get a full-length track because I am logged in? Lessee…

Doh. :30 samples for both of us. I don’t get the point. That’s weak. Not the “FREE MUSIC” that the above article promised, really. Login-required, low-fi tracks, :30 samples off-site? Thems still handcuffs that’ll send users to P2P.

Still, it’s a start! Onward!

For a better :30 sample player, check this Easter egg out. The shape of things to come…