Half Court Press

Just looking at a couple of quotes from myself…notes:

RollingStone.com was kind enough to include me in a forward-look at some options for the music industry. I answered a question about the potential for free, advertisement-supported music on the net. While I believe there’s definitely a market for free music on the Web, I think it can be mostly incremental revenue to other transactional forms of digital music, not the answer for “all music” as the editorial lead-in implies. People value their sovereignty, and as a result there’s always going to be a market for a la carte downloads, particularly when we (collectively, with standards) figure out compelling digital packaging (which we’re working on with the help of the Canadian government of all people — more on that later). And high-quality audio to any connected endpoint for a low monthly price (aka subscription) is a fantastically compelling model for many of us music fans. All of the above exist in a healthy digital music ecosystem in the future, not just one of them. I’m not displeased with the article, Evan, I’m honored to have been included, I just wanted to clarify that I’m not really the “all music will be ad supported” guy. The article did mark my debut into the Ad-Supported Music Weblog, which is nice.

I’m glad to see there’s a lot of attention on Tuesday’s Day of Silence for Internet Radio, and more to come. In fact, Brad Kava of the San Jose Merc is blogging about the research he’s doing for the story. Very cool to see the story develop. Keep an eye out for more stories on Monday and Tuesday, and please reach out to your representatives in Washington and let them know you’d appreciate it if they wouldn’t let Sound Exchange charge us more for royalties than we can make on Internet Radio.


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