Weird Al, Top of His Game

I remember the first time I heard Weird Al. I was in grade school and Matt Smith was so into the debut Weird Al Yankovic record he wanted to be Al and had his own set of parodies of current hits. Ah, Matt, where are you now? Al is still here. In fact, he’s at the top of his game. I said that after White And Nerdy, but it’s most certainly true as he’s released an epic masterwork parodying R. Kelly’s (also hilarious, in a different, unintentional way) epic masterwork, Trapped In The Closet.

Trapped In The Drive-Thru

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Thanks to Steven for sending me this.


Mojo Magazine Best of 2006

Comets On Fire - Avatar Lupe Fiasco's Food and Liquor Archie Bronson Outfit - Derang Derang J Dilla - Donuts

Bert Jansch - Black Swan Midlake - Trials of Van Occupanther Ali Farke Toure - Savane James Hunter - People Gonna Talk

Yeah yeah I know I’ve been slacking on the Mojo playlists as of late but I’ve been busy, what can I say.

I finally took a few seconds this morning to throw together Mojo‘s Best of 2006 playlist for Yahoo! Music Unlimited. Grab it here, put it on random, and enjoy what the world’s best paper music mag dug in 2006. I don’t agree with the ordering, that’s for sure, but was glad to see things like Midlake, Bert Jansch, and Comets On Fire make the list. All in all a good listen and way to see if there’s anything quality you passed over last year.

Firefox users don’t be discouraged by the “we can’t tell if you have Yahoo! Music Jukebox” page, just READ THE MESSAGE and it’ll talk you through it. Fixing that soon, I promise.


Recording The Beatles

Recording The Beatles

Wow. This is quite a book.

When Paranorm, Alan, and I went to see The Family Stone in Anaheim, we bumped into Brian Kehew, who in addition to lucking into playing keyboards with The Who (!) spent eight years of his life painstakingly chronicling the recording techniques used to record each of the Beatles records into an incredible, collectible book which is now the only thing on my shelf that rivals the Case Study Houses book in terms of weight.

It’s absolutely amazing. If such a thing is of any interest to you it’s well worth the $100.

Thanks Alan for the intro and the recommend.


A Weekend’s Work

I spent most of my free time this weekend writing end-of-year performance reviews for the great people I work with (I’m done now so you can stop being nice to me again) but still managed to squeeze in a few other activities such as:

  • Being, along with Lucinda and Julie, the only non-Spanish speakers at a Quinceanera in Pico Rivera
  • Trying out my new running shoes with Lucinda in the stroller
  • Catching up on Orgy In Rhythm’s week-long Brazilian extravaganza
  • Watching Cheese and Crackers (video snippet above) all the way through, twice (so sick, really, Chris Haslam is the only hippy I’ve ever wanted to be, buy the DVD here)
  • Watching/listening to Jason Calacanis’ latest vidcasts, one with the founder of TellMe (safe, aka boring) and one with the founder of Revver (candid, aka very good)
  • Went grocery shopping at Whole Foods at 9:30pm on a Saturday night, with a small crowd of people who all look at each other with that “so you don’t have anything else to do, either” look
  • Spent Sunday morning listening to Watusi Radio, easily the best radio program in Los Angeles
  • Got a haircut
  • Jonathan fixed part of the Control 4 setup, including XM in the whole house. Been listening to XMU today. Tis aight. Definitely not sold on any of the programming on XM. I want personalized, cross-genre. I’m spoiled by my own collection, YMU, and LAUNCHcast. Where’s the channel that goes from Can to Schooly D to Art Blakey to Thin Lizzy to Bad Brains to Deerhoof? Oh yeah, that’s called My Station on LAUNCHcast.

No skateboarding this weekend (waiting until the get the lights operational at The Cove so I can go after Lucinda goes to sleep — not seeing her enough during the week these days so don’t want to split to skate on the weekends), and also STILL didn’t manage to get Zoe’s latest show up (Little Radio servers have moved and those dudes have been at SXSW — soon come, soon come).

A couple music things I wanted to mention, though…

Bat For Lashes - Fur and Gold

I really dig the Bat For Lashes record. Brighton female singer on the Kate Bush/Siouxsie tip. The songs are about wizards and horses and while you might be thinking 20-sided die they’re really gorgeous songs with interesting melodies and song structure and instrumentation. Highly recommended. Check out a few cuts on Hype Machine here since the album isn’t yet avail in the US as far as I can tell.

Stephen Riley - Inside Out

Also, spent some time this weekend with the Stephen Riley record, Inside Out after much urging from Alan. Highly recommended. Why have we never heard of Stephen? I’m guessing it’s because his record label’s Web site hasn’t been updated since I used to telnet to CD Connection in the early 90s. Wtf is up with that? This is a joke, right? I’d like to get his new record (excellent review here), but of course I can’t find it anywhere except Amazon and buying physical CDs is a mess I don’t delve into anymore. I checked Yahoo!, iTunes, and Emusic, and that’s as far as I’ll go these days.

Have a great week.