Comets On Fire, SC’s Finest

I drove my car into work this morning, a rare occasion but I’m driving to M Cafe for lunch with Jim Bumgardner today. Anyway, I get in the car and hear GREAT MUSIC playing on KCRW, which is a rare occurance as far as I’m concerned. Usually it’s that middle of the road “music you aren’t going to love but aren’t going to hate” fare. But this morning there’s some serious riffing, psych drumming, and building vocals and I’m thinking WOAH, is Nic Harcourt on vacation? KCRW is playing music that’s actually CHALLENGING! Finally I realize what it is. Comets on Fire has a new record that I’ve only played once. Shame on me, after wearing out their last record, Blue Cathedral.

So now I’m in the office listening to the new Comets on Fire, and writing a blog post hoping to trick you into doing the same.


Jaybird – Comets On Fire

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