Five Shows In Seven Days, Wait, How Old Am I?

Friday: Radiohead in Berkeley. Missed Deerhoof. Sat at the soundboard (people are nice to pregnant women). Ruled.
Saturday: Radiohead in Berkeley. Missed Deerhoof. Sat at the soundboard (people aren’t nice to pregnant women, but Julie’s friend and Radiohead’s manager walked up at just the right time). Ruled even more.
Tuesday: Jamie Lidell, Beck, and Puppets at the Wiltern. Jamie was great. Beck was good. Puppet show was funny. We left before they served dinner on stage. Seen that already last tour. Sorry. That one guy that doesn’t do anything except run around is annoying, though it was funny to watch his puppet (and the poor puppetress who had to try to keep up with him).
Wednesday: Built To Spill at the Troubadour. Sweet Jesus they’re good. How jaded do you have to be to not dig Built To Spill? Pretty jaded. It’s not too late. Their latest is incredible. No offense to Neil, but if you’re rocking the new Neil Young and not checking out Built To Spill you’re missing out (new Neil is cool and all but it’s kinda like a Crazy Horse/NPR mash-up).
Thursday: Radiohead in LA PLUS DEERHOOF! FINALLY! Yay! So good.
Friday: Skipped the Radiohead show (we’d worn out our welcome) but went to the end of tour party complete with celebrity madness (I even recognized one of them!). Home 4am.

Fun fun.

Maybe Built to Spill again tomorrow?

And Shins/Belle & Sebastian at the Bowl on Thursday.

Then I think it’s about time to have a baby and not go to shows for a few years.