My Breezer Brings All The Girls To The Yard

For me, once I understood what Breezer Bikes stood for, I couldn’t stop thinking about them. It took me a year and a half, but I finally joined their cause, bought an Uptown 8, and bike for transportation as much as possible. I bike to work, to get groceries, to the skate park, pretty much anywhere I go on the West side alone.

It took me a year and a half to buy one because I couldn’t imagine spending $700 on a bike I was going to lock to a pole (they start at $300, but I wanted more speeds). I was a jackass. $700 is a bargain for how much joy this silly thing has brought me. As it turns out, FREEDOM is a high value item.

I didn’t really appreciate the practicality of the 8-speed, in-hub (no derailer) transmission until after a couple weeks of riding. You simply don’t need 24 speeds on the street, and the ability to stop at a light, take it from 7th to 4th, then take off in 4th gear without the click-click-click of the derailer is everything.

I’m also glad I went for the Uptown with the light generator built-in to the front wheel. It’s dark riding home from work evenings in the winter.

Breezer makes some great bags, too. They used to give one away free with purchase, so I picked up the Extended Trunk Bag. I bought a couple of Grocery Panniers from the site, too. I use the Trunk Bag for everyday and use the panniers when heading to the grocery (duh). The panniers are annoying for everyday use because my heels tap them when I pedal if I don’t have my foot forward on the pedal (like Biggie Smalls said, “I wear 13s, know what I mean?”).

I also bought their reflective vest. It ain’t cute, but I love my family and I ain’t tryin’ to get killed out there. It’s actually a really nice vest, and is even kinda warm on chilly nights.

There’s only one authorized Breezer dealer in Los Angeles, Cycology in the valley. Tell my man Tony I sent you and that you expect a good deal.

Biking has changed my perspective on commuting. I actually look forward to it. So long as it isn’t pouring, I ride (fenders make wet travel ok, even in office-ish attire). It’s made me hate driving, cars, and car culture even more than I already did, which I didn’t think was possible. The laws of interacting with your fellow travelers is more primal on a bike. You’re never saying, “get out of my way,” it’s simply, “don’t hit me.” Stop signs change their meaning. The traffic laws boil down to just not getting killed. And exercise is a part of your daily life.

Anyway, I wanted to throw a post up about the bike in hopes that a couple more people might discover Breezer and what they do. If you live within seven miles of your place of work, you got no excuse, mang. If it brings you half as much joy as it brings me, it’s well worth the cost.