Dungen’s Ta Det Lugnt in Yahoo! Music Unlimited

Today is a big day for Yahoo! Music Unlimited, though for a reason that might have easily gone unnoticed: The album “Ta Det Lugnt” by the Swedish band Dungen is now available. Why? Because US label Kemado Records has finally released an expanded version of the album to US audiences. After nearly two years, the best album in many has finally hit America as a domestic release. Yahoo! Music Unlimited has it, and made it available at midnight on the day of release. Yay! As if you needed one more reason to subscribe to Yahoo! Music Unlimited…

Dungen is led by Gustav Ejstes, a high school hip hop nerd who got sucked in by the Swedish folk rock he was sampling. At some point he decided to abandon the albums and learn the instruments himself. He recorded a couple of EPs for a Swedish label called Subliminal Sounds, which attracted the attention of Virgin Records in Sweden. He then made a syrupy pop record for them that no one was happy with, not Gustav, Virgin, or Dungen fans. So he went back to Subliminal, locked himself in a country house, and made the record of his dreams. That record is Ta Det Lugnt and was released on Subliminal in 2004. Imagine the heavy melody of Bowie’s “The Man Who Sold The World” along with a touch of Can’s “Tago Mago”. Um, yeah, it’s that amazing. You can read more about Dungen at their Web site, in my “Best of ‘04″, or in my live review. Also, photos via Flickr.

Everyone download Ta Det Lugnt by Dungen today from Yahoo! Music Engine. Lets make it bigger than Kelly Clarkson.

FWIW, I just listened to the bonus tracks on the expanded version (the last five tracks on the version in Y! Music Unlimited). Twas ok, but mostly filler. The main record is still the real goods.