New Music: M.I.A., Ratatat, and Magnolia Electric Co

Another good month, moths. Definitely some throw away shit that everyone is tripping over themselves for but here are a few things that are actually worth your time.

Click HERE to listen to some of this music while you read (sorry, couldn’t find the M.I.A. stuff, lemme know if someone has a link that works).

M.I.A. – Arular

Wow. A couple months ago I heard the M.I.A./Diplo mix tape and was wondering what the hype was all about (it was nice but a little thin). Now I get it. This album makes me wish I had a crazy stereo in my car so I could rattle my insides while I drive and scream. Sparse dancehall/electro with M.I.A.’s female Sri Lanka-to-UK transplant politico touch over the top. Hot shit. Just found out that I missed the LA show, which sucks. Zoe and I can’t get enough. Check out “Bingo” and “10 Dollar” for a peek at the outer limits.

Ratatat – Remixes

I guess this has been out since the middle of last year but I just finally got my hands on it. Worth it for the Raekwon remix alone. Sounds to me like it’s either two hip hop kids that accidentally learned to play the guitar (or more likely two guitar kids that accidentally got into hip hop) remixing hip hop without ever making it some cheesy bullshit rock mash up. Sensitive stuff. Well done. Love it.

Bonnie Magnolia Electric Company – Trials and Errors

So I guess Jason Molina took the band from Songs: Ohia’s Magnolia Electric Company album and just decided to rename the band Magnolia Electric Company. They have a proper Albini-produced studio album coming out later in the year but in the interim they decided to introduce the new band name and an incredible live record. Not as good as the Songs: Ohia album by the same name, but excellent nonetheless and warmly welcomed by those of us who wore that album out last year. Great songs executed with passion and grace, pretty much everything we’ve been hoping for from this gol damn “Americana” resurgence but so far no one has really delievered.

To be fair (since the last time I was praising Jason Molina I was dissing Will Oldham) I should also mention that the Bonnie Prince Billy and Matt Sweeney record, Superwolf, is actually good! Go figure. I dig it.

Happy shopping,