Our Public Radio Debut

So you might already know that SPIN wanted to do an article on Zoe, and when they did, they sent a super nice woman named Kate Sullivan to do the writing part. As it turns out Kate has a show exec-produced by Garrison Keillor syndicated by American Public Media called “Pop Vultures”. She asked Zoe and me to come by and talk about music for a while, and we did (even though I’m very bad at returning emails in a timely manner — sorry Kate!). You can hear a few lines from us by tuning into Pop Vultures on your local station, or by going to prx.org, registering, searching for “Pop Vultures”, and listening to either the “Usher and Breakup Songs” show or the “Kanye West” show.

Yesterday I got an email from Mark Driver who said he just happened to hear the broadcast while cleaning his apartment (hard to imagine what apartment-cleaning might consist of for Mark but we’ll just use our imaginations there) in Seattle yesterday and it freaked him out:

i was cleaning out the apartment today and listening to NPR, and i was like “yeah, Spirit is a great record, Ian made me buy it…i sorta feel like listening to it now…HOLY SHIT, THAT’S IAN! IAN IS TALKING TO ME ON MY RADIO!” hilarious. you actually sounded like you knew what you were talking about.

Well, y’all can be the judge of that.


Taking It Easy In The Dungen

Finally an album capable of getting me off my ass and updating this blog. The album is “Ta Det Lungt” (which I hear translates to “Take It Easy”) by Sweden’s Dungen. Holy hell. What an album. Think of the melody, production, and heaviness of Bowie’s “The Man Who Sold The World” mixed with the prog of “Tago Mago”-era Can. All amazingly instrumented and pulled together with appealingly retro (but not overly so e.g. The Bees) production, well-sequenced, and packaged beautifully. What fucking more could you want?

Dungen is the brainchild of teenage hip hop head Gustav Ejstes, who, after digging through crates of Swedish folk rock for a few years, played with sampling for a while and then decided to quit being such a pussy and learn how to play all the instruments he was hearing instead of just jacking for beats. How’s that for post-modern? Quite a bio this weirdo has. God bless him, he’s made my day every day for a week straight.

Of course nothing this good would ever be available courtesy any of the five major labels, so if you want this bitch you’ll need to get it from Forced Exposure, who is importing it here in the states (UPDATE, looks like Amazon UK has it for ten pounds). The record label site has a few audio clips from the record. Not for the feint of Swedish. All others, buy buy buy.