Muse.Net Plugin for Movable Type

See how I can show off what I’ve been listening to, what I’ve added, and what I have available to me via Muse.Net in the right margin of Now you can do that, too, with the Muse.Net Plugin for Movable Type.

What is Movable Type?

Movable Type is weblog software made by the nice people at Six Apart. It’s probably the best web app I’ve ever used from a presentation standpoint. Very well done, very useful. And it’s free for individual use.

What is Muse.Net?

Muse.Net is a network media player. With Muse.Net you can bring together all the media on all your computers and access it all from anywhere. For example, in my house there’s media on my computer, my wife’s computer, my daughter’s computer, my apple laptop, and this little Linux file server box in the corner. I run a Muse.Net Agent on each of those machines and then I can login to My.Muse.Net from anywhere and listen to any of it. I can also get all that music direct from Winamp using the Muse.Net Winamp Plugin. Neat, eh?

Another feature of Muse.Net is the ability to show off your collection. Muse.Net can present a “non-playable” listing of your media, so you can show ‘em what you’ve got, legally. Fact is, you’ll learn a lot more about me by flipping through my albums than you will in a thirty minute phone conversation with me. So have at it.

What is the Muse.Net Plugin for Movable Type?

The Muse.Net Plugin for Movable Type is a way to have your listing nicely presented as part of your weblog, so while someone is reading your latest rant about your dog’s new shampoo, they can notice that you listen to Creed and remove you from their RSS reader.

How do I get it?

Right herrre.

How do I use it?

See the README.txt. Put questions at and I’ll answer.



Instant Message Sucks

For anyone who is actually interested in getting work done, let me make a couple of simple productivity recommendations:

1) Turn off the Instant Message. You might think it’s making you productive. You are wrong. Very wrong. Turn it off. You will see. When you start leaving work at 3pm instead of 8pm, you will thank me. Sure, you’ll miss the hilarious new flash movie with the cats dancing or the kid rapping or whatever but you’ll fucking live.

2) Tell your email client to stop telling you when you have mail. Take that “check mail every X minutes” option and just turn it the fuck off. Check e-mail twice a day unless you have a reason to check it more often. You’re spending all day replying to e-mail and unless you’re working customer service, that is not work. If you reply to everything in the morning, then again just after lunch, I guarantee you won’t miss anything. And you can get shit done the rest of the time. And get the fuck away from the computer sooner rather than later.

I’m never on IM, but I’m *always* on IRC. Which is like having IM with only the people you work with. A real virtual office. Except you can all talk to eachother, and you don’t have to tell everyone the same thing in 20 different windows. It’s OG and superior in every way. Come by and hang out:

1) Download an IRC client
PC Peoples:
Mac Peoples:

2) Install that Biatch

3) Set it to connect to

4) Set it to connect on startup

5) Set it to join a channel on startup
In mIRC, Options, Perform, then put:
/join #mediacode
/join #fistfulayen

into the perform window.
There’s something similar in Snak, but I can’t remember what it is.
Once that’s done, you’ll jump in there every time you open the program.

Replace your IM with IRC. Invite your friends. Enjoy. You will thank me.