I’m too dumb for the New Yorker

The New Yorker is pretty hit or miss overall (this seems to be common knowledge) but is it just me or are the cartoons *never* funny? Par example: people sitting in a movie theatre, man in front turns around and says to the people behind, “You know you have the right to remain silent!” Yuckity yuck yuck. Golf ball 5 ft in diameter, caption: “Let’s let them play through.” Har fuckin har. Hey New Yorker, I have an idea: How about a picture or two of the people the 25 page article is about rather than the un-funny filler? You don’t have to get super arty or anything, but when I’m reading a great article about Saddam’s plastic surgeon and all the crazy expressionist art he makes, give me a visual peek instead of the dad to son, “You can make your own mistakes when you can hire your own lawyer,” sketch. Thanks.

I need to get my Discover and Pop Sci subscriptions back. Rob’s copy of Atlantic Monthly looked pretty good on the plane, too. Prestige vs. content. *shrug*

I wanna rock right now

If anyone gets what all the hype about “The Streets” is all about, can you please let me know? It took me 1:30 into the first track to realize, “Woah, this is not the intro — HE’S RAPPING.” 5 minutes worth of previewing the other tracks later the CD was out of the CD player and Julie threw it away for me today. Definitely some of the wackest shit I’ve heard in a long time. I like Weird Al as much as the next guy but this novelty isn’t even funny. Is it only good if you normally listen to math rock or are british? Someone help.